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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Whenever a customer has an enquiry, request or complaint they contact the customer service hub and the majority of the time are connected through to a central call centre. While all companies' websites will endorse their customer service employees as delivering the best service possible, those who are making the phone call know different.

On the whole, the employee is genuinely striving to provide the best service they can but therein lies the problem; the best service they can. The customer services department is frequently the most neglected sector within a business as those who are responsible for establishing systems and policies for providing customer service are so far removed from the role that they misdirect their employees. This is partially a defensive measure as call centre staff are frequently treated with caution and are not given the power to deliver effective customer service.

It is a known fact that retaining existing customers is infinitely more cost effective for companies than recruiting new customers. However, the senior executives at companies often get bogged down in the four pillars of business: sales; marketing; advertising and promotion. Those same executives are inclined to blame the competitive market and/or fickle customers for the departure of customers but largely the predominant reason for customers to leave a company is because of the customer service they received.

The best way to look at service is to look at yourself and the way in which you behave as a customer. Have you left a company or dropped a product because of the customer service you received? Are you able to pinpoint how you would improve the service you received? Creating a system which balances your ideals with a competent business model is the dream as, in theory, it marries customer happiness with progressive business.

This concept is spoken about in theory because it is a nigh-on impossible feat to achieve. It is always possible to reach a compromise but most frequently the only situation wherein both parties are happy with their side is when the customer has reached a point of renewal in their current contract. Acquiring new customers will always be less cost effective than retaining customers as there has to some sort of, most frequently financial, metaphorical carrot to entice them. This attraction most often involves the business compromising in order to secure the customer.

However, the retention of customers requires significantly less compromise on the business' part as most of the time the only thing existing customers are looking for from customer service is simply not to be upset. Of course there will always be exceptions to this rule and one of the main reasons existing customers become upset is if there is a serious and/or unexpected hike in their financial contribution.

There are many ways in which to improve the quality of service given to the customer. For many companies, these basics rules are not upheld and therefore detrimental to the business. Please subscribe if you found this article useful and if not, your comments would be much appreciated. For more customer service news and  business updates visit Our Website News. For customer service departments, visit Wonga Help Centre


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